High Fly'n Zip Lines


High Fly'n Zip Lines is a professional, portable zip line company that operates at large fairs and events across the United States.  We have been in business since 2011 and providing riders with safe, exhilarating fun since early 2012!  We have an impeccable safety record and a fully professionally trained staff to make sure you safely have the ride of your life!  We take riders of all ages and heights between the weights of 30 lbs and 250 lbs.  Contact us for more details!

About us

Bucket List?

Want to experience something you will NEVER forget?  Come fly with us!  Hanging by a thread (ok it's really a super safe harness) at speeds of up to 35 mph, you can jump off our 45' deck and fly up to 3 football fields away!  Now tell me that doesn't sound fun?  Most people tell us it is the most fun they've ever had!  We would love to show you the ropes at High Fly'n Zip Lines!  Check our Events page for a location near you!